Seven arrested in Rumford for allegedly entering country illegally

RUMFORD, Maine (WMTW) – Police in Rumford arrested seven people accused of entering the country illegally in two unrelated incidents Thursday.

Police say officers stopped a car with Pennsylvania license plates for a traffic violation on Route 2.

Officers notified U.S. Border Patrol, which determined four of the five men in the car were in the country illegally.

One of the men was from Portugal and three were from Brazil.

They were taken into federal custody.

Hours later, also on Route 2, Border Patrol was called after another traffic stop involving a car with Pennsylvania plates.

Police say three people from that car, including two teens, were from Brazil and taken into custody.

“We are committed to making our highways and local streets safer for our residents and visitors by continuing to have focused patrols to enforce speed and other traffic laws,” Rumford Police Chief Tony Milligan said. “Our partnership with the United States Border Patrol has taught us what to look for during encounters with foreign nationals and when it is appropriate to call for assistance when legal status is questionable or when there is a language barrier.”

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